In the center of the ancient world, deep in thee heart of the Drome, in the 8aume Cornillane, between plains and hills, behold Villa Tisserand At the edge of Tisserand, this alluring property is nertled in a natural park - eight hectares of grass and forert with a sll brook stemming from the gende foothills. The water comes from the surroundinq Vercors - an audacious range of plateaus and mountains Mat tower over our villa, creating a backdrop of grandeur. Welcome home. Relish the smiles, the beauty of the counbyside, the park and two pools {one for each seas), the terras for an outdoor breakfast, the bar and the study. ThaYs only the beginning. In addition, Sabine and Bruno offer you Finally, embellish your visit with a little more magic.

Video of the villa (french)